To design our range of highly-effective decontamination products, we worked closely with frontline personnel to understand their challenges and needs. We have an extensive track record in this category, an important consideration when you’re exposing workers to dangerous chemicals.

Covertex is ISO 9001 certified. We source our polymer fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers.

Decontamination Products

Decontamination Shelters

A comprehensive range of decontamination solutions, from single shower cubicles to mass decontamination stations. All have been developed for quick deployment and ease of use in any location.

LED Lighting Systems

The Covertex LED lighting system is a portable, compact and modular lighting solution for use with any inflatable, fixed or existing structure.

Flexible Drums

Flexible drums are a unique product developed by Covertex providing a versatile solution for the storage or transportation of potable water and waste.

Flexible Tanks

Covertex manufactures a range of flexible tanks or bladders suitable for the storage of drinking water, fuel, waste water and industrial liquids.
Our flexible bladders are collapsible and foldable, making them easy to store and deploy. The range includes marine tanks, stationery tanks and transportable tanks.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment flexible bunds or flexible berms by Covertex ensure that hazardous or toxic substances can be contained and recovered without harming the environment.