Case Study: St John

August 13, 2016

Client: St John
Products Used: Covertex Emergency Response AirShelters (ERAS) in a variety of sizes and configurations

St John’s Requirements:
As New Zealand’s largest ambulance service, St John is trusted by the community, Government and defence forces to provide high quality health services in a wide range of situations – from public events to emergencies and disasters.

For more than 20 years, St John has relied on Covertex to supply reliable, quick-to-deploy Emergency Response AirShelters (ERAS) that can be used throughout New Zealand.

In the field, St John uses Covertex shelters as:

  • Temporary first aid centres for public events
  • Triage or Casualty Clearing Points during disaster response
  • Temporary headquarters for field operations

The Covertex Solution:
To ensure St John is well equipped to deal with any situation, Covertex has provided a number of different ERAS configurations – from the 5 x 5 meter to the more widely used 7.5 x 5 meter shelter, including the junction variants enabling shelter-to-shelter joining to expand facilities.

Designed to be easy to erect, even for those who have not been trained on how to do so, the Covertex ERAS solution can be used on a wide range of ground types – from sand and soil to paved areas. They are also suitable for use in adverse weather conditions.

St John’s specific requirements around healthcare delivery have also seen a number of custom-designed features added to the standard ERAS product over the years. To date, these include:

  • A dedicated entrance bay, providing an area where staff and patients can come and go with ease.
  • Internal document pouches for storing patient records
  • External document pouches and signage
  • IV lines for IV suspensions
  • Increased shelter height to create more working space
  • Warm air ventilation chutes
ERAS Entrance Bay1
ERAS Document Pouches
ERAS Internal

Proven Performance in the Field:
Covertex ERAS solutions have delivered robust, long-lasting performance to St John’s teams since 1993. They have been used successfully in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Triage and Casualty Clearing shelters for emergency situations
  • First aid centres for major public events and concerts
  • Medical assessment stations for joint exercise with NZ Navy
  • Medical support centre for volunteers caring for stranded whales

“St John Ambulance has to work in a wide variety of conditions and scenarios. This requires us to be prepared with the appropriate materials and equipment for quick and efficient deployment. St John has worked with Covertex to develop AirShelters that support our role as a key emergency healthcare provider. The Covertex AirShelters are a key component of our major incident response caches.”
Tim Chiswell, St John Emergency Planning Advisor, South Island

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