Design & Customise

Made to order or designed for your purpose

Covertex polymer fabric products provide new answers to old problems. Our designers view every challenge that comes our way as an opportunity to improve or extend our product offering.

Standard product range

Our extensive range of standard products has evolved in response to the many needs of end-users, who include emergency, disaster relief and military personnel. Within every product group, optional features allow procurers to order products that meet their exact requirements. Special requests can also be accommodated, if they’re within our capabilities.

Design on demand

Our engineering expertise and the inherent versatility of the materials we work with present almost infinite scope for new solutions. If a customer needs something that isn’t currently in our standard product range, they only have to pick up the phone and talk to us. New additions to our product range often begin as one-off design projects, so we’re always ready to consider an out-of-the-ordinary challenge. Our helicopter products, covers and wet floors – are an example of how custom requests can inspire new product ranges.