New Zealand Red Cross

On 16th May 2013 a New Zealand Red Cross team began delivering desperately needed drinking water to the people of drought stricken Ailuk, Marshall Islands utilising the specially designed Covertex Transportable Flexible Tank developed to enable water transport/distribution by available vehicles.

“New Zealand Red Cross may be delivering the water but you gentlemen made the tools”

Matthew Lloyd
Emergency Telecommunications and
International Disaster Response Capability
New Zealand Red Cross


Notice of Motion, New Zealand Parliament, 19 October 2004

I move that this House congratulate Auckland company Covertex Limited, which has just completed an order for the UK defence force to trial its award-winning inflatable hangars, and has also won a significant order to export its fabric water tanks to North Africa.

Ross Robertson, FNZIM, MIMS
Assistant Speaker
MP for Manukau East


New Zealand Police Maritime Unit

14th February 2002

I have pleasure in explaining our experience with the product called the Rescue Bridge manufactured by Covertex.

First may I explain the physical environment, which my unit operates in.

The Auckland region is a narrow isthmus bounded by three large harbours plus the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Tasman Sea on the other.

We have large areas of shallow water that at times becomes exposed soft mud banks. Additionally we have open waters that are exposed to the full extent of severe ocean conditions.

Despite the relative low population of 1.5 million there is a lot of traffic in, on and over the marine areas.

In 1998 during our build up to a number of major public aquatic events in Auckland, we re-assessed our requirements for the rescue of large numbers of people from the water in the event of a ferry or aircraft accident.

Co-incidentally at that time we were approached by Covertex who asked us to evaluate their product called the Rescue Bridge.

Several months of comprehensive evaluation process followed.  We are very pleased that as a result of successful testing we now have a very cost-effective solution to many of our requirements.

The New Zealand Police like any organisation that is required to work in the marine environment in all conditions for public safety and law enforcement, requires a multitude of tools as a part of a multi-faceted response capability.

This product has not only provided a tool for many of our requirements but also provided capability which at that time, we had not even identified.

As previously stated this product met all of the above capability requirements.
I highly recommend that it be considered or evaluated as a potential and valuable tool for any organisation engaged in similar activities.

Martin G Paget
Office in Charge
Police Maritime Unit

Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand

25th January 2002

In 1999 the Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand was interested in purchasing a number of small towable tanks to enhance the existing temporary oil storage capacity.
MSANZ at that time owned other towable units of 10, 20 and 100 tonne capacity which had been supplied various manufacturers.

To support the existing units, MSA required 5 tonne capacity units that would be suitable for use, either afloat or ashore.

Additional requirements were that they had to be simple to prepare for service, easily towed either full or empty, and be of shallow draft.

There was a further requirement that they could be lifted in a full condition from the sea for emptying or placement ashore.

Covertex Ltd presented a proposal for the above to MSANZ, and after subsequent acceptance trials a number of these units were purchased.

John Lee-Richards
Marine Pollution Response Services
Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand


Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand


The Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand purchased over 40 frame tanks from Covertex. Both 15,000 litre and 25,000 litre models were purchased. These have not been distributed around the country and form part of our national equipment stockpile.

They were purchased after a competitive tender process and we have been very happy with the product. The tanks are robust and durable and are lasting well. The galvanised frame option, while heavier than some of the other storage tanks, provides excellent support for the tank in all conditions including soft and uneven ground.

After sales support for these and other products that have been supplied by Covertex has been excellent.

Neil Rowarth
Manager Operations
Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand


3rd December 1998

We have been using Covertex to make a number of repairs to our press membranes, we then decided to have Covertex make us a new press membrane.

We found the quality from Covertex to be equally as good as those manufactured in Switzerland or Germany. The only difference we found was the cost of manufacturing in New Zealand was substantially more cost efficient and the delivery charge was a lot cheaper as the membrane didn’t need to be airfreighted.

I can recommend Covertex for your press membrane work.

Hermann Seifried


Kaitaia Transport

30th November 1999

Kaitaia Transport (a division of United Transport Ltd) purchased 8 flexible tanks from Covertex between 1993 and 1995. We have used these tanks continuously since they were purchased and have been entirely satisfied with not only the product quality but also with Covertex’s after sales service. Covertex has been very professional in all our dealings and we do not hesitate to recommend them and their flexible liquid tanks to other purchasers.

Kaitaia Transport