Covertex was founded on the development of products for specialised marine applications. Along with an intuitive understanding of materials and designs that work at sea, our track record demonstrates an unwavering commitment to superior design and high manufacturing standards.

Covertex is ISO 9001 certified. We source our polymer fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers.

Marine Products

Flexible Tanks

A range of flexible tanks or bladders suitable for the storage of potable water, fuel, waste water and industrial liquids.

Helicopter Wet Floor

Covertex can fabricate a made-to-measure wet floor (wet deck) to protect the inside surfaces and avionics of any helicopter from during water rescues.

Rescue Bridge

The Covertex Inflatable Rescue Bridge is a robust and stable platform for use on water, wetlands, ice and other unstable surfaces.


For over 25 years, Covertex has been supplying inflatable race course marker buoys and promotional branded markers for water-based applications, including prominent international events such as the Louis Vuitton & America’s Cup Regattas. All markers can be branded for high impact promotion and sponsorship advertising.