Frame Tanks

Developed in consultation with emergency responders, the Covertex Frame Tank provides a rapidly deployable tank for the storage of liquids, including hydrocarbons, potable water or waste

A key feature is the aluminium frame with connectors that are quick to secure and do not require retaining pins.

Ideally suited for situations requiring mobile rapid liquid storage facilities with the minimum of manpower to set up.

Manufactured from hard wearing materials with a high resistance to UV, chemicals and some hydrocarbons.


Key Components

Supporting frame – heavy walled 40mm diameter aluminium frame complete with quick connectors
Liner – heavy duty reinforced PVC or XRS with excellent abrasion and UV resistance
Ground sheet – manufactured from robust polyester reinforced Ripstop PVC, to provide protection from the ground.


Design Features

Quick to assemble – under 10 mins
Range of capacities – from 5m°degrees to 20m° degrees
Robust long-life components
Easily transported and stored
Storage for temporary and long term operations
Optional dual skinned design
Use on virtually any terrain

Optional Accessories

Weatherproof canopy
Dual skin liner