Inflatable and Batten Supported Bunds

Our bunds are designed for rapid deployment and are made to withstand highly corrosive substances. They are used for spill containment, drip control for fuel vehicles/tanks and decontamination of vehicles and equipment.

All liners are constructed from heavy duty, UV, hydrocarbon and chemical resistant fabrics.

Available with either inflatable or batten perimeter supports, each bund is custom made to the required specification.

Key Benefits

Durable & hard wearing
Portable & quick to deploy
Collapsible, reusable & serviceable
Suitable for short & long term deployments


Repair kit
Carry/storage bag

Batten Supported Bunds

Batten Bunds consist of a heavy duty fuel and UV-resistant liner complete with side walls and drain ports. A modular folding aluminium batten detail provides perimeter structural support.

Typically used for low wall height applications, they provide a compact and lightweight solution for containing harmful liquids and secondary containment or decontamination of equipment or vehicles.

Design Features
– Ground securing flap and drain ports
– Aluminium battens with a folding detail fitted into side walls
– Fold down ends

Inflatable Bunds

The Inflatable Bund is a compact and robust solution providing secondary containment for bulk fuel storage, or other high volume requirements.

The bund is constructed using a heavy duty fuel and UV resistant liner, supported by inflatable perimeter tubes. These tubes can remain fitted during storage or individually removed to allow vehicle drive-in-access.

Design Features
– Heavy duty liner complete with ground securing detail and drain ports
– Independent inflatable side tubes complete with inflation/ deflation and over pressure valves.
– Vehicle access