Tow Tanks

Covertex designs and builds towable storage tanks for storage and transport of potable water and hydrocarbons – either offloaded from vessels or recovered from oil spills at sea.

A proven robust solution that offers unparalleled towing performance – towable by almost any craft at speeds up to 15 knots empty and 7 knots full. Smaller tanks can be lifted for rapid discharge or land transportation.

They can be moored at sea or used for storage on any stable platform. The tank’s shallow draft enables access into tidal or shoaled areas.

All components engineered to provide safe-working loads during towing operations.

Available in a range of capacities, from 5m³ to 100m³.


Typical Applications

Temporary storage
Oil spill skimming operations
Lightening of vessels
Delivery of potable water and hydrocarbons


Design Features

Rapid deployment
Stable under tow (full or empty)
Easy to fill, empty and secure
High resistance to sea conditions and environment
Compact when stored
Can be cleaned and decontaminated following use


Tow Tanks for Water

Manufactured with food-grade PVC to allow on-water storage and transportation of drinking water.


Tow Tanks for Oil Spills

Manufactured from heavy-duty polyester reinforced fabric providing high tensile strength, excellent abrasion, puncture, oil and UV resistant properties.