Transportable Tanks

The Covertex range of Transportable Tanks were developed for the transportation of liquids (potable water, fuels and oils) on moving vehicles or vessels.

A specially designed internal baffle and securing system reduces fluid movement during transit, making transportation safe and enable partial off-loading on route.

Manufactured to ISO9001 standards from specialized heavy duty fabrics, our range of tanks are used throughout the world for disaster and humanitarian response, marine and military operations.

Capacities: 1,000 to 10,000 litres

Custom sizes available


Design Features

Flexible use – ideal for water, fuel, oils, avgas and other fluids
Stability– internal structure ensures stability when used on moving vessels or vehicles
Easy transportation – lightweight, with a specially designed securing points system
Small footprint – can be deflated and rolled when not in use
Robust – able to withstand repetitive handling



PVC carry bag
Protective ground sheet
Reflective markings to increase visibility at night
Branding – can be supplied with branding or identification labeling


Transportable tanks for water

Manufactured from high-tenacity 1100gsm polyester coated with potable water grade PVC or polyurethane, suitable for short or long-term storage.


Transportable tanks for fuels & oils

Manufactured from military spec fuel grade polyurethane, suitable for short or long-term storage of fuels and hydrocarbons.

Heli-tank for water & fuels

The tank for water is a collapsible tank that allows the easy transport of drinking water to remote or inaccessible locations by helicopter. The pod shape of the tank enables stable flight when full or partially full.

The tank for fuel is highly robust and manufactured from two layers of military-spec fuel grade fabric. It is designed primarily to be slung beneath helicopters to fly auxiliary fuel to remote or inaccessible locations.