Covertex is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable inflatable structures and shelters. Our solutions are used by emergency response, military, humanitarian and industry organisations in situations where there is no room for failure.

Highly versatile inflatable shelters and structures for Emergency Services and Military.

Covertex was the winner of the prestigious Defence Industry Committee of New Zealand Award of Excellence in 2003.

Rapid Deployment Products

Emergency Airshelters

Covertex inflatable AirShelters range from emergency response shelters, which provide an instant self-contained solution, to larger shelters for humanitarian and disaster response where a complete work space or even a community under canvas is required for a major incident.

Defence Airshelters

The award-winning Covertex Defence AirShelters are a range of compact and modular inflatable structures, providing rapid deployment and configuration flexibility. Designed to the highest standards using military specific materials.

Decontamination Shelters

A comprehensive range of decontamination solutions, from single shower cubicles to mass decontamination stations. All have been developed for quick deployment and ease of use in any location.

Rescue Bridge

The Covertex Inflatable Rescue Bridge is a robust and stable platform for use on water, wetlands, ice and other unstable surfaces.

Field Casualty Mat

The Covertex Casualty Mat Provides emergency responders with a highly versatile casualty protection and rescue aid until full response resources arrive.

LED Lighting Systems

The Covertex LED lighting system is a portable, compact and modular lighting solution for use with any inflatable, fixed or existing structure.

Rapid Deployment Downloads

Download full-colour brochures that explain the benefits and features of our Rapid Deployment products.