Field Casualty Mat

The Covertex Field Casualty Mat provides emergency responders with a highly versatile casualty protection and rescue device.

Used as a first response device until full resources arrive, the mat offers casualties protection from the external elements and assists in controlling body temperatures.

Compact and lightweight, the mats are ideal for use in emergency and disaster first response, including mass casualty situations, locations where recovery can be delayed and environments where hypothermia is a risk



Compatibility – use with immobilization devices, backboards and fits within standard baskets and stokes stretchers
Compact & lightweight – unroll and use
Relief – foam pad provides comfort and insulation from the ground
Adjustable – multi-fit adjustment for different sized patients
Robust construction – made from waterproof and fire rated materials
Non-rigid – easy to maneuver in tight spaces
Positive buoyancy – floats well and can be used in water and wet environments
Re-usable – disassemble for cleaning and reuse


Dimensions: 2.0m x 1.9m (unrolled) / 0.63m x 0.2m diameter (rolled)
Weight: 2.6kg / 3.5kg with lifting handle set