Custom Large Service Shelters (LSS)

Winner of the prestigious Defence Industry Committee of New Zealand Award of Excellence, the Covertex Custom Large Service Shelters are designed for rapid deployment and constructed for extended use. Designed to be compact and transportable, they can be supplied as a single unit or in modular sections. The internal clear span accommodates large pieces of equipment. Each shelter is made to the customer’s required dimensions.

Covertex Defence AirShelters are currently being used in many conflict zones and peacekeeping operations around the world.



Mess halls
Storage of vehicles, helicopters and equipment
Infield maintenance of vehicles, helicopters and equipment
Large decontamination and vapour control



Quick assembly – simply unroll, secure and inflate
One-piece structure – roof, end walls and floor
Optional modular connection system – any number of sections can be connected end-to-end
Easily transported – units can be supplied in lengths that are easily transported in the field
Connecting chutes – air conditioning can provide a dust-free, temperature-controlled environment
Easy access – both large access and smaller personnel doors
Military-spec fabric – durable and strong, with specialist options i.e. blackout and IR
Easy servicing – fabrics can be serviced in the field, inflatable chambers can be individually removed for repair