Emergency Response AirShelters (ERAS)

Designed for first response operations, the Emergency Response AirShelters are highly robust,fully inflatable structures that are rapid to deploy for use in diverse climates and conditions.

Extremely lightweight and compact, they provide an instant self-contained solution at any location, enabling the response team to work safely and effectively. Ideal for a range of uses including; command and assembly points, first aid-posts, accident and crime scene investigations, resuscitation centres and hospital overflow.

A wide range of features and accessories are available for customised requirements.


First aid posts & resuscitation centres
On scene command, assembly & information
Accident & crime scene investigation
Hospital overflow



Quick assembly – unroll, secure and inflate
Minimum manpower required – easily deployed by 1-2 people
Shelter-to-shelter joining – link individual units to expand facilities
Unique covered entrance area – extra protection from the weather
Sealed unit – welded construction creates a weather tight unit
Roll-up end wall doorways – easy access
Heat vents – enhanced comfort in hot climates
Power cable chutes – prevent clutter and enhance safety
Comfortable – large internal space with sky light roof panel and high ceiling
Storm guy attachments – units stay secure in heavy weather
Securing perimeter ground flap – enables securing in both soft and hard ground with no gaps between floor and shelter