Modular and Portable Lighting Systems

Covertex LED modular and portable lighting systems provide essential light for any inflatable, framed or existing structure. Our systems are highly robust, energy efficient, waterproof and extremely reliable – even in the most extreme conditions.


Modular LED Lighting

The Covertex Modular LED lighting system is easy to install, safe (12/24V), highly robust, waterproof and extremely energy-efficient. Each LED lamp has two power outlets, allowing lamps to be connected in a daisy-chain manner. Up to 9 lamps can run off a single 24 V transformer and lamps can be positioned with velcro, cable ties or screws. Each lamp can be switched on or off without affecting other lamps in the system. Lamp systems are supplied in a robust case.



Portable LED Lighting

Compact, lightweight and waterproof, Covertex Portable LED lighting systems provide six, eight or nine lamps in a choice of 700 or 1000 lumens. They are highly energy-efficient and include straps for easy fixing. Up to 9 lamps can run off a single transformer. Lamp systems are supplied in bag.